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Lusignolo Forest

San Gervasio Bresciano (BS)

Among the largest forests in the Po Valley we can find Bosco del Lusignolo. Located in the province of Brescia, it covers about 30 hectares, almost 43 soccer fields! It is not just a bunch of trees, but an ecosystem that is home for cute little animals and birds. There is also room for people to relax or play sports.

The Lusignolo Park is located along the homonymous canal at Casacce, and covers four municipalities of the Brescian lowlands: San Gervasio Bresciano, Cigole, Milzano, and Alfianello.

In the former municipality, there is a wooded area of about 400 thousand square meters, rich in naturalistic wonders among flora and fauna. Bosco del Lusignolo is a true green jewel that welcomes thousands of visitors every year, both local family willing to spend a relaxing day in nature and cyclists and runners. In addition, the stream flowing through the trees attracts birdlife, especially the grey heron, buzzard, hen harrier, moorhen, and many other birds that can be observed from birding stations.


This forest, however, is not just for people to observe: a number of trails have been designed to appreciate this natural wonder by hearing, touching and smelling. In this way, even the youngest children can learn about nature.

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