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Have you ever thought about how many good things a forest can do? If you haven’t, take the Molina Forest in Carmignano di Brenta as an example. Ok, the forest is still young (it’s newly forested, it was planted in 2018), but as my mother used to say “good things come in small packages”.

To begin with, in a few years, the forest will become a real “green barrier” and will defend the citizens of Carmignano: the trees, which were purposely selected for their leaves, are specialized at capturing the particulate matter that is produced on the streets nearby. When the crowns become denser, not even the noise of the cars will pass: finally, a little bit of peace and quiet in the city centre! And when it is time for flowers to blossom, bees will gladly banquet, to the delight of the boys and girls of PomoDoro, who will enjoy their beekeeping visit.

And since we never stop learning, there will be the possibility to organize educational events (such as plant identification labs) or recreational events (such as fun countryside parties). Finally, don’t forget the shade that the forest provides the cyclist, who can rest while biking on the Monaco-Venice cycle lane, during warm summer days.

What do you think, not bad, right?


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PROJECT: Lowland Forestry Association | AFP