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From this year, with the project More Trees, AcegasApsAmga has joined the project PadovaO2 to bring nature back to the city.

Following the virtuous mechanism of the circular economy according to which “from one thing, another can be generated”, AcegasApsAmga awarded citizens who differentiated their recycling waste correctly. How? After the third visit by a citizen to the recycling center, to recycle their waste, , AcegasApsAmga planted a tree.

For this reason, thanks to the Municipality of Padova, the contribution of AcegasApsAmga and of the citizens, the Mortise area was among the first to be completed.

By taking part in the project, supporters have left their green footprint in the city, giving their contribution to the improvement of both air quality and the quality of life in the city.



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The maintenance team for this area is:
PROJECT: Padova O2