The Ring of the Euganean Hills

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If there is something that made Italians famous all over the world, it is the capacity to understand a sense of beauty, mastering and shaping it. This is true above all for the land where they have lived in mysterious harmony where they, and they alone, can understand this sense of beauty so systematically. And, going through the ring of the Euganean Hills ring, we can’t help but realizing this sense: indeed, this is a very unique land, with a cycle lane that nimbly twists and turns among watercourses, abbeys and ancient castles, noble villas and enchanted villages. As long as the road flows below our bike, the breath-taking landscapes follow one another around us, when taking a break we can delight ourselves with excellent wines and traditional culinary products, in the shade of the Euganeans Hills, surrounded by the colours and fragrances of the countryside.

However, a land can conserve its beauty only if its inhabitants take care of it: thanks to Associazione Strada del Vino Colli Euganei and numerous citizens, in November 2019, 100 new trees have been planted and will make the landscape even more beautiful, favouring the thriving of local biodiversity at the same time.

Take a look at the photo of the planting day!


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