Val Camonica


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Have you ever wondered how many secrets can a forest hide? In the heart of Val Camonica, for instance, the forests host one of the most important networks of engraved rock art in Europe, to the point that the valley is known as “the valley of landmarks”. The network is composed of more than 300,000 petroglyphs drawn by the Camuni, an ancient population that used the smooth sides of the valley as huge blackboards to represent scenes of everyday life, prayers, hopes and fears.

But in addition to engraved rock art, the forests of Val Camonica also hide and protect the drinkable water springs which the population of Lombardy depends on, keeping the water fresh and clean. Indeed, this is a land full of secrets and worth exploring, but sadly it was damaged by Storm Vaia in October 2018 and today, thanks to your support too, we want to restore it.


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