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In 2018, the forests of the Italian North-East were wounded by an extreme weather event, storm Vaia. Due to the climate crisis, such events are becoming more frequent and severe than before. In a few hours, the fury of the wind tore down 8 million trees, more than 7 times the annual extraction volume of trees in the area. No one will ever forget this storm, above all the people living there. No one will ever forget, either, the rapidity, determination, and strength of local populations that intervened to start restoring their land. These storms are not the only ones we are facing nowadays. There is also a storm hitting the labour market: the old ways of working are threatened by the evolution of the market. The gap between the skills required by companies and those available in the market keeps widening.


In MAW, we are committed to reducing it, together with our clients, creating employment for thousands of people every year. Today, we want to accept a new challenge: to make our workplace more sustainable. We don’t want to do it just inside MAW, with projects to reduce resource use, but also outside. This is why, to celebrate Christmas 2019, MAW chose to contribute to the restoration of damaged alpine forests, gifting 1700 trees. They will grow in three areas hit by Storm Vaia, Val di Fiemme (TN), Sappada (UD), Alto Garda Bresciano, and in the city of Padova. Favouring the growth of new trees means being close to the people of these territories, helping nature to speed up the rebirth of its forests, and cleaning the air. A

Supported areas



Fiemme Valley

Val di Fiemme (TN)

Sappada – Plodn

Sappada (UD)

Val Camonica

Val Camonica (BS)