Vuoi creare la tua foresta aziendale?

WOWnature for business

Do you want to create your company forest?

Together we develop corporate social responsibility projects for the future of your company and nature.

Would you like to support reforestation projects with your company? Absorb CO2 and fight climate change? Preserve biodiversity or water resources? Contribute to innovative projects that include communities and the local population? Take care of existing forests and improve the territory near you?

We accompany you in the creation of a tailor-made project, in Italy or abroad, where WOWnature forests are present. We take into account your needs and develop together a CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility – pathway to mitigate environmental impacts and help you to properly communicate your efforts and achievements.

What your company can do with WOWnature

Invest in concrete projects

Supporting WOWnature projects allows you not only to absorb or conserve CO2, but also to make a concrete commitment to the preservation of biodiversity, the fight against the spread of invasive species, and the restoration of forests affected by the storm Vaia and then the bark beetle. Together with us you will discover a new way of looking at forests and trees.

Involve your employees and customers

With WOWnature, reforestation projects are hands-on. Invite your employees or customers to a tree planting event in the areas you wish to support, to experience an unforgettable day of team-building or networking together.

Turn trees into corporate gifts


By contributing to reforestation projects, you will have the opportunity to turn adopted trees into sustainable corporate gifts and distribute them at a time that suits you, be it holidays such as Christmas, or other corporate occasions. Giving trees as gifts is a simple and direct way to make your stakeholders aware of your commitment to nature.

Enhancing your brand reputation

The climate emergency is everyone’s challenge. Investing in concrete and reliable corporate social responsibility projects improves brand reputation, customer loyalty and makes your company more attractive to young talent.

Communicate effectively and correctly

We help you communicate your environmental sustainability journey and your commitment to nature correctly and effectively, to engage your community with authentic, engaging and scientifically correct content.

Why should you choose WOWnature

Contact us

Contact us to find out about opportunities to join WOWnature projects and additional services reserved for companies. Just fill in the form. One of our experts will help you define a tailor-made environmental and social responsibility path for you.

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