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WOWnature is an initiative of Etifor, an environmental consulting company, a spin-off of the University of Padua and a Benefit Society. WOWnature was founded in 2018 to boost reforestation and forest protection in Italy and abroad. It offers people and companies the opportunity to participate in biodiversity protection and the fight against climate change. WOWnature is committed to natural ecosystem conservation and restoration. It applies the best scientific practices of forest management in the field, imitating nature and ensuring reliable and sound interventions.

Business Services

With WOWnature you can develop the best environmental responsibility projects and communicate sustainability in a scientific and accessible way.
Start by creating your corporate forest and develop a green strategy.
Engage your customers and employees and experience nature with them to touch on your commitment to the environment.

Fai crescere una foresta aziendale

Create your own corporate forest in Italy or abroad and become a WOWnature Partner. You can adopt new trees and help generate positive impacts: offset CO2 and combat climate change, increase biodiversity, improve air, water and soil quality, and enhance local development. After planting the trees, we monitor the growth of the forest and update you year after year.

Comunica la sostenibilità

We can develop a green marketing project with you to enhance your sustainability projects and tell your commitment in a fair, transparent, and effective way on corporate channels.

Fai regali aziendali sostenibili

Share your commitment. Share the trees you adopted with your employees, customers and collaborators and say it out loud. It is an original gift idea to increase your company’s positive impact.

Organizza eventi aziendali e team building

Involve your employees and customers in your sustainability strategy to make an even bigger impact. In addition to gifting the trees you have adopted, you can organize team building and corporate networking activities in nature. We’ll help you find the best format depending on your goals.

Net Zero

Growing a new forest is amazing, but if your company want to go beyond, you’ve come to the right place: find out how joining WOWnature projects can become part of a broader climate strategy pathway in which Etifor can accompany you at every stage.

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