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Are you looking to lighten your carbon footprint and generate positive, long-lasting impacts?


Are you searching for an influential partner who can enhance your environmental commitment?


Do you wish to implement a green marketing strategy that can prevent the risk of greenwashing?

Thanks to our scientific training and a decade of experience in the forestry sector, we can walk you through this journey to environmental and social responsibility.


We offer you expertise, a national and international project portfolio to choose from, and planting events to engage employees and clients. All while engaging with one partner, us.

Our assets


We take care of forests in the areas you love the most. Adopt or gift a tree, and experience planting it with your own hands.


Our goal is to restore the balance between man and nature. We carefully select areas where action is most needed and then plant according to nature's rhythms.


Etifor, creator of WOWnature, is a University of Padua spin-off that translates scientific knowledge into positive impacts for the environment and the community.


When you see the FSC® label, it implies that the forest is being responsibly managed in compliance with strict environmental, social, and economic standards.

There's more


A segment about companies that are already taking care of forests with us.


Cutting your company's carbon footprint is not enough. To stand out and help the Planet, you need to do better.


By measuring emissions and impacts, advising on how to avoid and reduce them, we carry out forestry projects aimed at giving back to nature more than what was taken from it.


Potentials and outcomes of this journey shared by those who chose to lead the change

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