Bicycle Line

CO2 sequestration 2.000 Kg
The trees you're growing 100
Protected areas 0

Bicycle Line was founded in 1987, beginning its history in cycling thanks to the passion and experience of Gastone Coghetto. The founder launched the business in the cycling apparel sector, leading the company to become an influential company. Based in Treviso, the sportswear firm is now run by his three sons, who have internationalized the brand and modernize the production processes. In 2022, Bicycle Line joined ambassador Paola Gianotti’s Bike4Tree initiative. In collaboration with WOWnature, it participates in the renaturalization of Parco Fiume Brenta through the creation of a new forest. A long-term, very ambitious project for an innovative and inclusive Parco Fiume Brenta, an engine of economic, social, recreational, yet sustainable development.


Parco Fiume Brenta stretches along the Brenta Cycleway, which connects Munich to Venice. The project gain importance thanks to the connection to sustainable bycicle tourism, which helps to discover the unique ecosystem of the Brenta River. It is a place with incredible biodiversity, riparian forests, unspoiled nature, where different species of birds, amphibians, and insects coexist. Plus, it’s an ecological corridor for wildlife. Helping to reforest and protecting this oasis of biodiversity means giving back to nature what it gives us every day without asking anything in return. Our ultimate goal is handing over to future generations a better world.

Supported areas

Le Basse del Brenta