IQT Consulting

CO2 sequestration 980 Kg
The trees you're growing 140
Protected areas 0

IQT believes in sharing social responsibility, in respect for nature, and in the value of small concrete gestures; it cares about the development and connection of human relationships. This is why it is committed to planning networks and places where it is possible to cultivate relationships and projects. All this, without respect for the environment around us, would be useless.


Hence the desire to contribute to the environmental improvement of the places where we live, with a gesture of sustainability that not only involves IQT, but will benefit all the people who frequent our cities today and tomorrow: this is why IQT consulting has decided to join the WOWnature project. In 2019, we planted 140 trees in Padova, improving the neighborhood of Pontevigodarzere. To build the future, we need projects that can improve our lives.

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