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Italdesign was founded 1968. The company’s mission has always been providing services for the production of any object or service, ranging from vehicles to everyday or professional items. For Italdesign, innovation has been a driving force and goal since the beginning. The company hosts professionals from different cultural backgrounds who share knowledge, experience, determination, and passion.


Above all, they share the sense of responsibility towards the environment and society. These virtues led the company to integrate sustainability in the corporate strategy and the apply innovative standards to products, processes and service. Italdesign supports BioClima and WOWnature for the growth and care of 100 new trees in the San Colombano Forest. The trees will promote biodiversity in riparian areas of Lombardy, while waiting for similar projects to be offered in Piedemont as well. This choice represents one of the ESG, Environmental, Social, and Governance interventions that the company means to implement along the pathway to Carbon Neutrality.

Supported areas

San Colombano Park

Suzzara (MN)