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Volksbank is the Northeast Regional Bank close to people and businesses. Sustainability, which has always been present in Volksbank’s DNA, has been integrated over the past two years at 360° into the core business, to pursue objectives of growth and sustainable development of the territory. In all actions and measures to support the community and the economic fabric, Volksbank is guided by 3 core values: it is forward-looking, present and dynamic.


The Bank has chosen to actively participate in the implementation of the pioneering project “Moranzani forest: the accessible forest of Volksbank because it reflects some of its own characteristics and peculiarities, first of all a strong anchorage to the territory. From the environmental point of view, the project fits perfectly into the strategy promoted by the Bank to achieve climate neutrality: on the one hand, Volksbank protects the environment by reducing its emissions through flagship initiatives, including a path of energy efficiency; on the other hand, thanks to the “Moranzani forest: the accessible forest of Volksbank project large amounts of CO2 are captured, which makes it possible to mitigate the effects of climate change. Another key aspect is the great attention to biodiversity: the forest will represent a protected ecosystem for flora and fauna. The project also has an important social and educational implication: the Emma Foundation aims to create a residential and working area for people with disabilities while encouraging at the same time slow and accessible tourism for all.

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Bosco Moranzani

Mira (VE)