The term “sustainability” means, to AcegasApsAmga, a way of life: it is something like the North Star, it drives choices and decisions towards the protection of resources and improvement in people’s quality of life.

For this reason, AcegasApsAmga, a multi-utility company of the Hera Group in the north-east of Italy, has always been committed to creating more resilient and liveable cities, guaranteeing security and wellness to their citizens, respecting the environment and promoting good behaviour. They do this through the development of a positive entrepreneurial model strongly rooted in the territory and able to deliver innovation.

In occurance of this year’s Spring, the More Trees Operation has arrived: an initiative, promoted by AcegasApsAmga to make Padova greener, healthier and more resilient. Inspired by the virtuous mechanisms of the circular economy “from one thing, another can be generated”, citizens who correctly differentiate waste and take it to recycling areas will contribute to improving their cities and the environment. Indeed, following the third recycling visit of each citizen, AcegasApsAmga will plant a tree in the city.

This initiative will create two new green lungs in the city, in Mortise and Chiesanuova, thanks to AcegasApsAmga’s attention towards the environment and thanks to the virtuous behaviour of Padova’s citizens.

Active forest areas


AcegasApsAmga has chosen to join the Padova O2 project to bring back greenery and biodiversity in the city.


AcegasApsAmga participates in the Padova O2 project to bring make Padova greener. Support the initiative!

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