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Innovation and environmental sustainability are fundamental development drivers for Banca Ifis. These values are part of a concrete commitment that brought Banca Ifis to join the Net Zero Banking Alliance (NZBA). It’s a UN initiative to speed up the sustainable transition of the international banking sector. The main goal is to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. We respect our territory, hence since 2020 we have been using 100% energy from renewable sources. More than that, our commitment has followed through #ifisgreen. It’s an environmental initiative about the development of products for sustainable mobility with Ifis Leasing Green, and the use of update technologies to reduce environmental impact in the workplace.


We support several initiatives that enrich the Group’s eco-sustainable growth daily. We are constantly involved in promoting electric mobility and responsible usage of resources, and of course raising awareness. For these reasons, we decided to support two reforestation projects with WOWnature. One in Parco Fiume Brenta, a place where unspoiled nature, riparian forests, and the typical habitat of the Po Valley meet the river and its community. The other, in Oglio Sud Regional Park, a forest where you can rest under the shade of poplars, oaks, maples, and ash trees. We encourage you to explore it on a family trip, or a nice weekend with your friends, and loved ones.

Supported areas

Parco Oglio Sud

Calvatone (CR)

Parco dell’Amicizia

Tezze sul Brenta (VI)