Oglio Sud Park


The Oglio Sud Park extends along the riverbanks of the lower course of the Oglio from the inflow of the river Mella to the mouth of the Po, for a total of about 70 km. Here the conditions of naturalness are scarce and the floodplain strips are mostly occupied by poplar cultivations but also by arable land and nurseries. Only 5% of the Park territory is occupied by natural vegetation formations, consisting of wetlands – ponds, oxbows, bodri – and small wooded formations, mostly willow trees.

The water quality of the river, deduced from the data of the “Oglio project” and confirmed by the official data of the Provinces, indicates that we are in the presence of a polluted environment. The ecological functionality of the river, which would allow a self-cleaning of the water, is limited by the artificialization of its strips.

Since 2001, the Dem.O.S. project (Management of the river state property in the Parco Oglio Sud) has had the objective of reconstructing the continuity of the natural environment along the river through the creation of new woods and arboreal strips in the state property areas along the river and the management of the existing small woods.

In the period from fall 2003 to spring 2020, the Park has created:

  • 84 new woodlands totaling 64 acres – approximately 85 soccer fields – planting 149,650 planted trees and shrubs;
  • 17 interventions of forest improvements with 38 hectares improved, about 50 soccer fields;
  • 8 interventions of wetlands requalification (oxbows, “bodri”, etc.) for an area of 22 hectares requalified (about 30 soccer fields).

Most of these works have been carried out with the involvement of local farms. Moreover, through environmental education projects, many schools have “adopted” the renaturalized areas using them as “outdoor educational laboratories“.

The reforestation and environmental redevelopment project continues and also for 2021 are planned two interventions of redevelopment of abandoned areas that will become new woods. For the autumn are also planned many interventions of improvement of the afforestation made in recent years that need care to grow in a balanced way and perform their full capacity to provide ecosystem services: clean water and air, biodiversity, aesthetic improvement of the landscape, usability and carbon storage.


This is a FSC®certified area: FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.
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The planting day at Oglio Sud Park is scheduled for Saturday, March 19 or, in case of inclement weather, Saturday, March 26.


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