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RiPlast plastocartotechnical group opens up a new market with Colorosa Green: the market of paper book-covers. The use of paper is a step forward to the green direction, without giving up any of the features that a plastic cover offers: resistance, durability, and wide color palette. Realizing Colorosa Green required significant investments aligned with sustainable development; a value pursued over the years by RiPlast. Technological innovation lies in the welding of the paper, usually laminated, which allows to create a paper product that is 100% green and recyclable. All the raw material and the paper are FSC® certified. It means that it comes from responsibly managed forests. In addition, Aticelca, certifies the disposal and recycling of Colorosa Green covers as paper.


RiPlast believes in the circular economy: for 10 years it has been self-sufficient in energy supply, with more than 150,000 kW per year produced by two photovoltaic systems owned by the company. Every 250 covers produced, 1 kg of CO2 is not produced. The chosen raw materials reduce waste to the minimum, using recyclable materials, and relying suppliers close to the production sites. RiPlast group’s commitment is to bring sustainability to schools and families. Day after day, it works for improving the quality of life, ensuring a better future to new generations. For this reason, in 2021 the launch of Colorosa Green was accompanied by WOWnature, for the requalification of Alta Badia, devastated by the Vaia Storm. Reforestation of the Dolomites it’s a sign of attention to our roots and our future, safeguarding the environment, and the Planet.

Supported areas

Alta Badia – adüm

Corvara in Badia (BZ)
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