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Alta Badia – adüm

Corvara in Badia (BZ)

Among the consequences of Storm Vaia, one of the most catastrophic is the spread of the bark beetle. This insect has reproduced on the windthrown, so much so that it is able to attack even those forests spared by the storm, multiplying the damage. In this situation, it is crucial to act promptly by skitting and cleaning the plants attacked by the bark beetle to protect the forest around the core attacked by the parasite.

Creating new forests and accelerating their recovery by planting native species or introducing new ones to increase resilience and biodiversity is essential. But it is equally important to take care and above all protect the existing forests, because they guard a heritage of all and are very important for the absorption of CO2 that allows to mitigate the onset of extreme weather phenomena. Finding the food forest – first intervention realized to value the natural area of Passo Campolongo (Corvara, Alta Badia) – is straightforward: click here and follow the directions that will take you directly to the car park.

In a few minutes, by following the well-marked path, you will get to the hearth of the food forest. Other projects to improve and protect new forests will follow shortly. These projects will be focused mainly on the restoration of the damages caused by the storm Vaia and its consequences (in primis, the spread of bark beetle) or by other adverse climate events.

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