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Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort

The environment that surrounds us is a treasure to be preserved. It needs to be enhanced and conserved in order to leave it healthier and more resilient to future generations. For us and for our company, the landscapes and nature of the Dolomites are our “heritage”. Its beauty is a main attraction for the guests who come here to spend relaxing stays, in the green of our valleys.


It is our mission to convey the importance of respecting the forests. They’re a source of energy, oxygen, well-being, capable of providing us with unforgettable memories with the people we love. This is why we decided to support a number of important projects with WOWnature. In our valley, we have chosen to protect the Alta Badia Adum food forest. The reforestation and protection program involves planting native species such as bilberry, alchemilla, nettle, stone pine, raspberry, alpine rhubarb and many other.


The ultimate aim is achieving biodiversity, protecting the forest, and the trees damaged by the 2018 Storm Vaia. In Vietnam, in the remote province of Huong Son, we have joined the protection program, which supports local communities living in balance with the forest. We will plant new species for sustainable production, developing the market for wild forest products as bamboo, rattan, and medical plants. As a family and company, we want to contribute for revitalizing the world’s forests for our future generations.

Supported areas

Alta Badia – adüm

Corvara in Badia (BZ)

Huong Son Nature

Tay Son Town 
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