Festival Bartolomeo Cristofori

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The Piano Festival is a tribute to the innovative genius of Bartolomeo Cristofori, born in Padua on May 4,1655. He masterfully combined art and technology and “rendered on his instruments the speech of the heart, now with the delicate touch of an angel, now with the violent outburst of passion”. Cristofori was one of the most famous harpsichord builders of his time. Personally invited by the Grand Prince Ferdinando de’ Medici, at the Medici court, he invented the first piano models, revolutionizing the history of music.


The 2021 edition of the Bartolomeo Cristofori Piano Festival has organized with WOWnature a Climate Positive concert entitled “Il passo del Viandante – Uomo e natura nell’Europa dell’Ottocento”. They used the innovative treeticket system, that allows you to leave the area where the event takes place better than you found it. With this service, in fact, the cost of the ticket allows to protect existing forests and create new ones, in a responsible way and according to FSC standards: the trees adopted during this edition will be planted in Val di Fiemme, a forest heavily affected by the 2018 Vaia Storm.


The opening concert is part of the “Green New Music”, a series of events with zero environmental impact that focuses on man, the environment, sustainability and the relationship between all these elements: the title “Green New Music” is a reference to the massive Green New Deal promoted by the European Union and the affirmation of a new way of conceiving the organization of a festival, in which not only the logistical aspects contribute to reduce the environmental impact, but also the whole programming.

Supported areas

Fiemme Valley

Val di Fiemme (TN)