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Sensitive to the environmental damage caused by storm Vaia, the CPGEV Board of Directors contacted Etifor to join the WOWalps initiative, aimed at the restoration of greenery and biodiversity in two mountain areas hit by extreme weather: Val di Zoldo and Val di Fiemme. The aim of the initiative is to create a relationship of mutual support and participation between public administrations, companies and citizens, to take care of a common good, respecting the rules of good forest management. WOWalps wants to revive some micro-forests in the Alps by selecting tree species suitable for the habitat (soil, altitude, humidity).


We are aware that an ecosystem needs one or two centuries to return to balance; therefore, it will be important to find the right harmony between people’s economic interests and nature’s reproductive interests. Help us saving the environment!


Your contribution will help the woods rebirth. The money collected by our association will be given to the WOWnature redevelopment project… nature will thank you!

Supported areas

Val di Fiemme

Val di Fiemme(TN)

Val di Zoldo

Forno di Zoldo(BL)