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For over 30 years, Neavita herbal teas have represented moments of well-being and joy in the lives of those who enjoy them. Products and raw materials are selected with experience, and knowledge of precious plants, flowers, fruits, teas from all over the world. A natural, living and vital raw material, wisely controlled and prepared in Italy to offer precious moments of wellness.


Nature is the main protagonist of the world of HP and our first source of inspiration. Observing it means capturing the depth of its colors, scents, aromas, shapes. The observation then evolves in the ability to give these features to the products. Those who savor Neavita herbal teas choose nature and a lifestyle oriented towards well-being and sustainability.


For this reason, defending and preserving nature is a responsibility that the company shares with WOWnature. It committed to protect and preserve 200 adult trees in the woods of the Metropolitan City of Venice, the woods of Bandiziol and Prassaccon.

Supported areas

Boschi di Bandiziol e Prassaccon

San Stino di Livenza (VE)