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To Rolando – between lights and shadows of a forest that will be reborn.


That year the educational challenge was really difficult. The class was not very inclined to study, and their attention was weak, but it suddenly came back to life when, on the street in front of the school, a tractor sped by. Then the students’ ears would tense up and their mouths, to the surprise of the teacher, would fall silent. And here was the winning choice, the proposal to create a vegetable garden at school. Gloves, sowing, transplanting, pruning, thermal coat with leaves, at work!


We were not growing vegetables, but meanings to be born and grow in the garden, as in the classroom among the students. Among the many meanings and values that you have promoted and built, the care, protection, respect for places and times, that only nature can teach you, the sense of waiting and harvesting of fruits or better talents, have always been in first place for you.

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