CO2 sequestration 2.640 Kg
The trees you're growing 80
Protected areas 0

From trees to packaging, we love Nature. Ability to innovate, sharing, passion and research for sustainability: these are the secrets of success and the values that guide Sacchital Group; the same that have made our company, in its 75 years of history, a point of reference in the Flexible Packaging sector. This is why our packaging solutions are designed to ensure the lowest possible impact on the environment. That’s why we work by taking into consideration the quality of the materials that compose it, its environmental performance and the effects it will have on our planet.


Whether it is designed to be compostable or recyclable, our goal is to ensure that the packaging can be given a second life. By joining the project “Give a Tree”, in collaboration with WOWnature, we have chosen to convey a positive message, a symbol of reconstruction and rebirth, capable of reflecting our values and our vision of sustainability for a greener future. Sacchital Group has decided to contribute to the reforestation of the magnificent forests of Fiemme Valley, an FSC® certified area known worldwide for the excellence and value of its fir trees and forests, engine of the economy, and local populations. The forest that will grow will allow to capture CO2 and help restore forested areas devastated by natural events, just like Val di Fiemme, hit by the storm Vaia in 2018 and now endangered by the spread of the bark beetle, a dangerous parasite that by removing sap from spruce trees is decimating the forest.

Supported areas

Val di Fiemme

Val di Fiemme(TN)