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The company Tecno Style srl based in Brescia and founded by Gianpaolo Bonfadini, began in 1985 the distribution of prestigious brands in the field of consumer electronics in Italy, with particular attention to high-level hi-fi and video products. Inside the company work his son Alan, Commercial Director, and his duaghter Irene, Administrative Director. Since 2020 Tecno Style distributes in Italy the well-known German brand LOEWE, prestigious televisions and refined audio products. LOEWE, founded in 1923, has always been synonymous with research, technology, design and is characterized by high quality products.


The binomial Tecno Style & Loewe is also characterized by values of reliability and respect for the environment: from these premises was born the desire to join the WOWnature project to restore the forests of the Fiemme Valley, heavily affected by Storm Vaia that, in 2018, marked forever the landscapes and lives of the mountain community. In addition, the forests of the Fiemme Valley are also suffering from the presence of the bark beetle, a parasite that, by removing sap from spruce trees, effectively condemns them to death. The project was also created to raise awareness about the actions to be taken to combat the climate crisis, which is becoming more and more pressing: the goal is to leave a better world to future generations.

Supported areas

Fiemme Valley

Val di Fiemme (TN)