One Group, one strong bond with Nature. We at Fedrigoni start from Nature to expand the boundaries of creativity: our primary raw material is sustainable and renewable, and most of our products are recyclable and biodegradable in a very short time span. Our commitment to a more sustainable production chain is at the core of a long-term plan started more than 130 years ago, focused on improving production processes, supply chain, environmental impact, and product innovation. All this without losing sight on the importance of building bridges between our people and the communities we touch.

This continuous effort towards sustainability has brought material results: 46% reduction in water consumption on the self-adhesive production process, and -13% in thermal energy consumption and -9% in electric energy over the past 7 years. Our path to using 100% FSC-certified pulp started in 1998 and we reached the target in 2014. The certification guarantees the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the materials, sourced from forests that are protected by international treaties.

As part of our sustainability journey, we’re supporting the creation of green spaces in urbanized areas near our factories. In November 2020 we’ve inaugurated the first Fedrigoni wood in Caponago, Northern Italy, counting 1,530 native trees donated to the Municipalities of Caponago and Pessano con Bornago. Fedrigoni will take care of this wood looking after its wellbeing for the first five years of its life.

Our wood, which aims to promote biodiversity through the use of 16 native tree species, will absorb at least 100 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years (equivalent to the annual emissions of 50 cars).

Active forest areas

Fedrigoni Wood

In an area surrounded by sheds, factories, industries and freeways, a new forest is being created: Fedrigoni Forest takes its name from one of the main producers of special papers and self-adhesive labels that, as evidence of its great environmental commitment, will finance the creation of the park next to its Ritrama plant, located on the border between Caponago and Pessano con Bornago, to give employees and citizens of the green area a better, greener and more liveable territory.

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