When you really love the territory, live it and rediscover it every day from new perspectives, in front of an event like the Vaia Storm – an immense destructive force that has brought the forests of our mountains to their knees – you cannot stand by and watch.

For this reason, and in order to become a reference point and model of environmental sustainability for other Italian sports associations, Asd NordicwalkinItaly, whose members believe that everyone’s contribution is fundamental, has decided to support the restoration of the Enego forests damaged by Vaia.

And the commitment of Asd NordicwalkinItaly, an association founded in 2011 that has brought more than 4500 people closer to the practice of Nordic walking, does not stop here: support for WOWnature is part of the wider project to raise awareness of environmental issues among participants, which is why the great N42 Nordic Walking Marathon event was organized on 10 November 2019, in which a waste collection and sorting system was activated and disposable plastic was eliminated.

Thanks to Asd NordicwalkinItaly, the forests of Enego will be reborn and thousands of walkers will continue their activity walking and discovering the hidden beauty not only of the mountains, but also of the beautiful cities on the Venetian coast.

Active forest areas


Growing a tree in the Sette Comuni Plateau means giving this place back to history, lovers and poetry.

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