Are you familiar with the “Qualità Trentino” brand? Take part in this quick questionnaire and contribute to make Trentino even more beautiful: for each questionnaire received a contribution will be donated for reforestation with 100 new trees from the forests of Val di Fiemme damaged by the Vaia Storm in October 2018.

The questionnaire, addressed to the adult population living in Trentino and promoted by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts of Trento with the support of QuestLab, aims to assess the notoriety and values attributed to the “Qualità Trentino” brand, an important tool for the valorisation of local food and wine products.


Questlab, on behalf of the European project LIFE PREPAIR, conducted, between 23 November 2018 and 10 January 2019, a survey on citizens’ perception of air quality in the Po Valley basin, supporting a further reforestation of 250 trees in Val di Fiemme.


Active forest areas

Fiemme Valley

Support the Fiemme Valley, known throughout the world for the excellence and value of its forests and its resonance firs used for musical instruments.

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