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Turismo sostenibile bici

World Tourism Day 2022

September 27 is World Tourism Day. An occasion dedicated to the value of the tourism sector and its contributions on the social, cultural, economic, and even political level of each country. For us at WOWnature, tourism is a journey, an exchange, an adventure to discover new places.

The perfect destination may not exist, but we all carry in our hearts special places connected to positive experiences and memories. From our first trip abroad, to weekend jaunts with our parents, traveling as tourists gives us something every time we leave our home. Among the possible destinations, nature almost always provides the backdrop, but why not choose it as the main ingredient? More and more people prefer to unplug amidst the greenery to slow down the pace of everyday life and find some peace. This is what is often called nature tourism: a way to visit new places, enhancing the area through its natural beauty.

Visit a forest


Our ideal of nature necessarily includes a forest, but we are not always talking only about mountains. We think of pine forests that shade coastlines, nature parks around lakes and rivers, or oases near lowland city centers. These are different ecosystems that offer unique experiences, all to be discovered.

In fact, if you are looking for green areas in which to spend your free moments, we have just the thing for you: the visiting areas of WOWnature. These are woods, forests and pine forests that we have worked with over the years and always carry in our fondest memories. For us, every tree has immense value and we would like as many people as possible to learn to appreciate them in the same way.

What to do in the forest

As we have said, each ecosystem offers unique experiences, so we should learn about forests in order to choose the most suitable for each of our passions: sports, history, botany, meditation, each area hides surprises, which should be preserved. In Val Camonica, the forests hide one of the most important complexes of rock engravings in Europe, so much so that it deserves the name Valley of the Signs. Moving into the glorious lands of Sicily, we find Saja, a laboratory of experimentation between ancient and new techniques of permaculture, natural agriculture, education and self-construction. Heading up to Trentino, a forest has merged with art, giving birth to Arte Sella, where the works almost seem to be part of nature itself. To go back in time, Bosco Nordio is a natural jewel set in the Venetian lagoon, a thousand-year-old forest that shows us what forests must have been like in ancient times. For those who like to walk while hearing the sound of the sea, there is Bosco Canoro, on Bibione’s Adriatic coast. There are countless activities: excursions, cultural and artistic visits, environmental education courses, and outdoor sports. Nature meets the needs of everyone, but really everyone!

Tourists and nature

It is not only nature that provides a positive experience; visitors and tourists can also contribute to improving the environment they visit. More and more people are ready to change their travel habits to be more sustainable: not only limiting their own negative impacts, but supporting local communities and the environment in which they live in a regenerative tourism perspective. For example, this happened in Alta Badia, where citizens, guests and businesses decided to take care of a forest devastated by storm Vaia, creating a Food Forest. Today, it is possible to visit the area and discover edible wild species thanks to information panels placed along the way.

Become a responsible tourist yourself by following these simple rules:
Travel in the off-peak season
Choose low-impact vehicles
Plan ahead
Do your research
Take your time
Discover unique territory
Try local cuisine
Shop local
Minimize and optimize waste


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