We have often been told that we are dreamers, because our eyes shine when we say we want to promote a different way of living, working and producing what we need: respectful, in harmony with that same nature that welcomes and supports us.

But as many drops, flowing together, form a river, so many dreamers together can create something real. From the confluence of multiple stories and paths of young dreamers was born the association of social promotion Saja, in beautiful Sicily.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, in the belief that there’s no better teacher on Earth for those who take the time to listen to it, Saja is that large garden where to reconcile economic functions with the need to spread beauty: a place of production and contemplation in whose work and culture are the growth factors of the community. A permanent laboratory of experimentation between ancient and new techniques of permaculture, natural agriculture, education, art and self-construction to recreate a natural environment in which man has his own space but not all space.

Saja is people, plants, animals and thoughts that, together but each in its place, coexist and cooperate. Now, our dream is to expand this way of life and production in harmony with nature, so that more and more people can get closer to it: Saja therefore live with Finca Palta project, which hopes to bring many nature lovers into a wonderful terraced land not far from the sea, where various types of trees – lemons, olive trees, cherry trees, hazelnuts, avocados and many others – can coexist with man and give their fruits to those who take care of them.

You can contribute to the realization of this dream by growing your tree with Saja!


The next planting is scheduled for spring 2021 – you can plant your own tree or watch the live broadcast where we’ll plant yours too.

PROJECT: Sicily Project

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WOW stories

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