Ralser Forest


“If people stopped to listen to the work of tree roots, would they ever be able to sleep?” the scholar Fabrizio Caramagna wonders.

Indeed, because in the apparent calm of the Ralser Forest, an infinity of activities actually hides. Everyone is working tirelessly. The woodpecker works restlessly, and is a loud neighbour, indeed, it is for this reason that it’s not very appreciated by its tree-neighbours. The squirrel works nonstop too, because it has to prepare its supplies for winter. But most importantly, trees work: they are not of many words, but they are unstoppable workers. Indeed, they are the ones that absorb CO2 every day, absorb and absorb, over and over. They absorb that famous gas that is responsible for climate change, and air pollutants, while releasing clean air and oxygen instead. On hillslopes and mountains, they protect our streets from rockfall with their roots, while their trunks and crowns offer shelter to the countless inhabitants of the forest and provide shade for natural springs, keeping its water pleasantly clean and fresh.

The Ralser Forest is not conceited, you will never hear it praising itself, and so are WaldPlus workers, who have been taking care of its trees for many years. However, if you happen to pass by, try to explore the paths that twist and turn within this forest and pay attention to the perfect harmony of the work of the forest.

If you tune your ear in, maybe you can also hear the sound of the roots…


This is a FSC®certified area: FSC forest management certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.
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PROJECT: Natura7

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WOW stories

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