Università Iuav di Venezia

From the use of technologies for maximum energy efficiency – trigeneration, geothermal energy – to the reduction of plastic consumption; from design for environmental and social sustainability to the new horizons of sustainable fashion; from the practice of the culture of recycling to the attention to design, build, rebuild responsibly… the commitment of the IUAV University of Venice in favour of sustainability applies to all the design, creative and Made in Italy disciplines to which the University – unique in Italy – dedicates research, training, knowledge: architecture, visual and multimedia arts, design, fashion, planning and urban planning, theater and performing arts.

At the heart of this training and research project is the care of the environment that surrounds us, the spaces in which we live, the welfare of communities and the territory. Also contributing to increase green spaces or to regenerate and care for them in areas where they have been damaged. Because planting a tree – in addition to making a territory more attractive, healthy and hospitable – also means helping to reduce the environmental impact and offset CO2 emissions.
For this reason, the Iuav University of Venice has chosen to support the reconstruction projects of the forests destroyed by the VAIA storm in the Val di Zoldo, in the Plateau of the seven municipalities, in the Ladin valley of Livinallongo and the reforestation of the cycle paths between Treviso and Vicenza.

The more the better

Thanks to the agreement between the University and WOWnature, all Iuav students will be able to support the reforestation projects of Livinallongo, Val di Zoldo, Enego and Ciclovia Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia with a 10% discount.

To take advantage of the discounted rate just enter, during check-out, the discount code received by email and valid until exhaustion of available trees. If you are a student of the Iuav University of Venice but have not received the promotional code please write to communication[at]iuav.it

Active forest areas


Livinallongo del Col di Lana is one of the main Ladin valleys of the Veneto Dolomites; growing a tree here you will also support its rebirth!

Zoldo Valley

Grow a tree in Val di Zoldo in the shade of the great massifs of Pelmo and Civetta. With your contribution we will give new life to the most authentic Dolomites.


Growing a tree in the Sette Comuni Plateau means giving this place back to history, lovers and poetry.

The Treviso-Vicenza-Ostiglia cycle lane

Today you have the chance to make the cycleway even greener, leaving it better than you found it: grow your tree by its side.