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How many times during a walk along a river or in a forest did you notice floating rubbish or plastic thrown to the ground? How many times have you realised that the air, instead of being clean and fresh, is polluted, heavy and pungent? Cleanliness is a serious matter; it doesn’t matter if it refers to our houses, streets or green areas: a cleaner world increases the quality of life and our well-being.

From this awareness was born the collaboration between TTS Cleaning and Natura7.

The former is an Italian company that has been producing professional cleaning equipment Made in Italy used by more than 80 countries in the world for over thirty years. The second is a centuries-old forest in South Tyrol that has been improving air and water quality by capturing CO2 and PM10 for hundreds of years.

For TTS the environment is a priority for this, the company has chosen to use 100% recyclable materials and renewable energy without ever forgetting the quality of its products; two commitments certified by guarantees such as ISO 14001, ECOLABEL EU and Carbon Footprint Systematic Approach.

Natura7, on the other hand, has chosen to calculate how well the forests can do for mankind thanks to FSC® certification, demonstrating that taking care of forests and keeping them clean not only gives us better air but also clean water and safe paths for our excursions.

Thanks to this collaboration, the 500 tonnes of CO2 captured by the Natura7 forest (equivalent to the average annual emissions of 250 cars) will offset the emissions produced by the Magic range of trolleys.

A cleaner future? It’s in our hands!

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