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You have probably never seen them, but in between the oaks and hornbeams of the forests of the flatlands, lots of people take care of our forests. Tireless and efficient like ants in an ant nest. They are the people of the Lowland Forestry Association (AFP), the association that groups the best managers of lowland forests, coordinating the responsible forest management in conformity with the principles of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®).

Since early 2000, these men and women teamed up, collaborating and supporting each other so that lowland forests are properly valued: only when their importance will be fully understood they will receive the attention they deserve.

To do that, AFP promotes and broadcasts studies and research; develops projects that favour the use of the forests by local populations while respecting, at the same time, the forms of life that inhabit them and the functioning of the ecosystem; and strives to ensure that the resources needed for the protection and management of forests are put in place.

Active forest areas

River Po forests

The woods of the Po River, in fact, in addition to representing a formidable reservoir of biodiversity, are of vital importance to mitigate the effects of pollution and combat the increasingly pressing climate crisis.

Palazzetto forest

Entrusted to the care of the former owner of the land, who lives in the house next door, this small plot of about 1 hectare, is more like a garden, with properly pruned trees that do not exceed 3-4 m in height. The main benefits that this forest provides are related to the mitigation of visual and acoustic impacts of the highway that passes nearby, and the sequestration of atmospheric carbon.

The forests of Mussetta di Sopra

This small wooded area is a small green lung in an area suitable for the cultivation of cereals in the open field, which offers numerous refuges to the microfauna of the place. The wood is characterized by the autochthonous species typical of the lowland woods and its development, during the years, has been left to the normal natural development, which made the central part richer in shrubs and brambles.

Via Carrer Forest

The objective of the project in the Bosco di Via Carrer is to increase the naturalistic and environmental functions of the area, with the aim of preserving and managing the habitats of rare and endangered species: the forest, in this context, plays a very important role as an ecological corridor for the movement of fauna.

San Colombano Park

San Colombano Park covers an area of about 730 hectares in the municipality of Suzzara, in the floodplain overlooking the villages of Riva and Tabellano.


Oglio Sud Park

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Nordio Forest

Nordio Forest is a small natural jewel set in the Venetian lagoon, a thousand-year-old forest that allows us to see what the woods must have been like in ancient times.

Vallevecchia pine forest

Extensive pinewoods, lagoons, dunes and cultivated fields: it is the Vallevecchia Pine Forest, located between the two famous seaside resorts of Caorle and Bibione, in the province of Venice.

Donzella Forest

The Donzella Forest was realized between 1999 and 2000 with community funding. The plant has an extension of about 80 hectares and constitutes one of the most extensive interventions of forestation implemented in the region.

Villa Rota Barbieri Forest

The Park of Villa Rota Barbieri has assumed a great importance thanks to the “Villa Rota Barbieri Socio-Sanitary Day Care Center” which welcomes elderly and non-self-sufficient adults, especially of medium to severe grade, who need health, rehabilitation and support interventions that cannot be insured only at home

Villa Bedin Aldighieri Forest

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Quarelo Forest

The main objective of the project of the Quarelo Forest is to increase the environmental and territorial quality, promoting the planting of forests formed only by typical native species, reconstituting those areas that for centuries have characterized the Venetian plain.

Fedrigoni Wood

In an area surrounded by sheds, factories, industries and freeways, a new forest is being created: Fedrigoni Forest takes its name from one of the main producers of special papers and self-adhesive labels that, as evidence of its great environmental commitment, will finance the creation of the park next to its Ritrama plant, located on the border between Caponago and Pessano con Bornago, to give employees and citizens of the green area a better, greener and more liveable territory.

Carpaneda Forest

The wood of Carpaneda is located west of the town of Vicenza, close to the artisan-directional area of Via Vecchia Ferriera, almost on the border with the town of Creazzo. The forest was built by the municipal administration in 2009 and covers an area of about 7 hectares and also serves as the expansion tank of the Dioma irrigation ditch.

Valletta del Silenzio Oasis

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Villa Guiccioli Forest

The park of Villa Guiccioli occupies the top of the hill Ambellicopoli and extends for about four hectares: to the north-east, the steepest part of the slopes is occupied by woodland, while in the summit area, almost flat, there is the historical park.

Maddalene Forest

Just in the north of the city of Vicenza, in what in the past was the “culture” of Santa Croce, one of the villages outside the walls that were part of the division that the Serenissima Republic had operated in the Vicenza area, you can find the Urban Wood of the Maddalene.

Astichello Forest

The Astichello Forest takes its name from the river of the same name in the province of Vicenza, the Astichello river, which flows mainly in the villages of Dueville and Cavazzale, a hamlet of Monticello Conte Otto, and flows into the Bacchiglione near the Pusterla bridge in the city of Vicenza.

Villa Roberti Forest

A villa that excites for the beauty of its rooms and the centuries-old charm. Splendidly decorated by the genius of Zelotti and Veronese with scenes inspired by the loves of the gods, Villa Roberti, with the large Barchessa, the unusual Tower and the green Woods, is kept in a sweet and precious landscape capable of giving unexpected corners of paradise.

Parco Nord Milano

Discover how you can make the city of Milan greener, livable and healthier for you and your loved ones with WOWnature.

Oglio Sud Regional Park

The Oglio Sud Regional Park is a vast protected area that develops along the banks of the river Oglio, rich in nature, cycling and food and wine trails.

Viola Forest

Bosco Viola, with its wild animals, is wonderful!

Triestina Forest

Visit Triestina Forest, a young WOWnature forest in San Stino di Livenza.

Le Crete Forest

Le Crete Forest today occupies an area the size of 10 football fields, with numerous cycling routes in the shade of oaks, elms and ash trees.

San Marco Forest

San Marco, a large forest in Cessalto.

San Michele Vecchio Oasis

In the San Michele Vecchio Oasis you can do a wide variety of sports activities and visit small enchanted villages and varied nature.

Community forests

At Community Forests you can admire an expanse of black pine trees, where you can find refreshment on hot summer days.

Via dei Fiori Forest

The trees of the Via dei Fiori Forest will take care of the well-being of tourists, providing shade and fresh air for picnics on hot summer days and improving the landscape, making Eraclea Mare even more beautiful.

Baseleghe Forest

Support the Belvedere Forest, compensate your impacts in this forest.

Canoro Forest

Canoro Forest in Bibione, to walk in the pinewood lulled by the wind, just a step from the sea.

Santa Margherita Pine Forest

The Santa Margherita Pine Forest, a few kilometers from Venice, offers the possibility to dive into the resinous scent of pine trees and watch birds migrating a few steps from the sea.

Lino delle Fate Forest

Whether you are a cyclist, or a bather on the beaches of Bibione, or simply a nature lover, the Lino delle Fate Forest is for you.

Trepalade Oasis Forest

Discover the varied nature of Trepalade Oasis Forest. Venture out on the paths and listen to the birdsong!

Pine Forest of Eraclea Mare

Are you passionate about cycling tourism and can’t stand the smell of smog in the city anymore? Enjoy a nice day in the Pine Forest of Eraclea Mare

Belvedere Forest

Bosco Belvedere is almost 20 years old, you can venture among its oaks and silent hornbeams for a nice relaxing walk.

Fiorentina Forest

In San Donà di Piave enjoying the benefits of an existing 35-year-old forest, the Fellini Forest, and the growth of its young extension, the Fiorentina Forest.

Sagittario forest

Compensate for your impacts by supporting the Sagittario Forest

Fellini Forest

Bosco Fellini: to spend a different day, surrounded by nature, sport or relaxation, without straying too far from the city.

Molina Forest

In a few years time the Molina Forest, planted in 2018, will become a real “green barrier” in defence of the citizens of Carmignano.

Olmè Forest

Bosco Olmè, the largest flatland forest among those that have survived to the present day. A millenary forest rich in history.

Lame Forest

If you are an animal enthusiast, the Lame Forest is for you.

Bandiziol and Prassaccon Forests

The Bandiziol and Prasaccon Forests are the largest lowland woods in Eastern Veneto, planted between 1994 and 1997.

Bosco Limite

Bosco Limite: a corn-fed land transformed into a forest rich in biodiversity!

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