Oglio Sud Regional Park

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The Oglio Sud Regional Park really is a “river of possibilities”: this wide protected area around the Oglio River can meet anyone’s needs.

If you are looking for nature, here you will find it thriving: in autumn, you can observe the huge flocks of swallows that populate the reeds and ; on cold winter evenings, instead, you will hear the call of the Italian agile frog, a very rare species that’s almost impossible to find outside the Park; then, in spring, there will be an explosion of life, with nightingales, herons and western marsh harriers flying here and there; lastly, in summer, you will see this cycle starting all over again, with the black-crowned night herons making their nests at the edge of the forests.

If you are looking for good food, then you should know that even the most refined palates will be satisfied: the local cuisine is really varied, with delicious food such as pumpkin tortellini and must-try local products, such as the wine from Viadana that perfectly matches a good salami. Trying is believing!

If you are looking for long trails to walk or bike, it is again the right place for you: there is plenty of paths that twist and turn throughout the countryside, forests and channels, interrupted not only by natural wonders, but also by manmade ones, such as tiny churches, castles and colonnades.

If you are looking for the stories of the local people who, every day, take care of their ancestors’ land, and if you want to understand their culture, don’t miss this opportunity, you are in the right place. Take Gianfranco, for example, who promised his father that he would have never let the beautiful Sant’Alberto Forest disappear and that he would have forever protected the tiny lake inside it, where they used to go fishing when they were young. Gianfranco is a poplar grower and, as you have probably already understood, is really attached not only to the Sant’Alberto Forest, but also to the rest of his land, which was his father’s land before him.

For this reason, he chose to do his work – growing-poplar – respecting and obtaining the highest standards of responsible and environmentally friendly management, the FSC certification standard. While doing this, he continues to provide his precious natural material – poplar – which plays a fundamental role for the development of the circular economy.

 Visit the official website: www.ogliosud.it


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